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Magic & Comedy!
Mike Tyler from 
"The Naked Magicians"
Direct from "Down Under", The Naked Magicians are coming back to Atlanta March 10 & 11 when they perform once again at The Buckhead Theatre. We got the inside scoop on the show from Mike Tyler, the co-creator and co-star of the world's naughtiest and funniest magic show.
At the age of 31, Mike is considered one of Australia's favorite and most successful entertainers performing over 250 "clothed" shows for the biggest companies and sporting teams in the country. He has performed countless times to millions of people on TV in Australia, New Zealand, and USA while performing magic in 10 countries around the world.
Along with his partner in crime, Christopher Wayne, the Naked Magicians have created a hilarious and fun "Girls Night Out" for women here in Atlanta and around the world.

How did you and Christopher meet?
Almost 7 years ago I was performing magic (fully clothed) for a corporate function at which Christopher was a guest. He asked me for a coffee afterwards where we talked about our common love for magic. 

How long have you been practicing magic?
We've both been interested in magic since we were young and have been full time magicians for almost 10 years. We decided to create a show unlike what any other magician is performing in the world. We decided to take magic to an audience that otherwise wouldn't attend a normal magic show. What better way to do that than get on stage each night with our sleeves up and pants down.

What is your favorite aspect of being a magician?
I can honestly say that my favorite aspect is bringing wonder to people's lives and making people laugh, even if only for a short moment. We think that the world needs laughter even more than ever at the moment.

And . . . spill the beans, what has been the strangest/weirdest/best audience reaction you have seen to your tricks?
The answer to this would change each night because every time we get on stage there's something that's crazy, wild, or amazing that happens involving a volunteer or the audience. The energy in the theatre at The Naked Magicians is like no other show I've seen or been part of. It really is a non-stop party atmosphere.

What do your friends and family think about the Naked Magicians show?
Our friends and family can't believe we tour the world making a living showing our "down under"! Our parents are especially proud and have seen the show countless times. All jokes aside, it means a lot to have their support.

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